Does Republican “Red Scare” Reporter Barbara West’s husband, Republican strategist Wade West, work for McCain?

Posted on October 30th, 2010 by admin1 in republican strategist

Was that a conflict of interest?

Not that it matters much, just want to see how far the McCain camp has been derailed.

Good point.
obama 08

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  1. g

    that was ridiculous… "liberal" media.. right… hahahaReferences :

  2. My Michelle

    Good point.
    obama 08References :

  3. sulurawk

    I love that all these idiots who don’t read books are suddenly experts on Marx. You can’t take one quote and pretend to be qualified to say what is and is not Marxism.
    References :

  4. Christians for McCain-Palin 08

    Why? Do you want to Joe-the-Plummer her, too?References :

  5. James J

    Technically, the answer to your question is "no". HOWEVER, West’s husband, Wade West is a Republican Media Strategist who works on behalf of several Republican candidates in the state of Florida, and the Florida Republican Party, though not directly for the McCain Campaign.

    I suspect there is little doubt that the phraseology of her questions was crafted by her husband as the questions closely resembled the Republican talking points for that week issued by the McCain Campaign.

    To those who say that the questions were fair, I don’t take issue with the questions themselves, but rather the way they were phrased and delivered. Journalistic integrity is about gathering and reporting the story without making yourself part of it. Journalistic ethics are about being unbiased in your reporting. Ms. West failed miserably at both.

    The way the questions were phrased was clearly intended to illicit a negative reaction both on the part of the subject of the interview, as well as of the audience about Senator Biden. While that plays well with the Republican base, it probably makes Obama supporters’ heads explode. Anytime you do that, to either side, you’re not being impartial. You can ask tough questions without editorializing. The late Tim Russert was the unequaled master of this. But, every reporter should be capable of it.

    Regardless who you support in this campaign, that interview was unprofessional. Ms. West should either be fired, as suggested by the Orlando Sentinel, or as happened to Chris Matthews on MSNBC, demoted to the position of an analyst. Analysts are expected to offer opinions, it is what they are paid for. Anchors and interviewers are not! Ms. West should not be allowed to do hard news interviews as the person conducting these interviews is expected to maintain at least the appearance of impartiality. Even if Ms. West could act in an impartial manner, her credibility on that issue is completely compromised by her conduct in both the Biden interview as well as the one she conducted with Senator McCain where she lobbed nothing but Jeff Gannon style softballs.

    Like it or not, this country is roughly a 35/35/30 country. 35% who roughly lean left or right, some too far in those directions in my opinion, and 30% who are of a middle of the road mindset. When you destroy your credibility with either one side or the other, you take a chunk out of the middle as well. Regardless how “red” or Republican the Orlando media market may or may not be, West has lost all credibility with a significant portion of WFTV’s audience. Some portion, probably a rather large portion of those in WFTV’s viewing area who are in the left leaning 35%, as well as some significant portion of the 30% middle of the road people who saw that interview will never again trust her to be impartial. Once that happens to a journalist who’s profession requires reputation and integrity, it is time for that person to move on.
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  6. desert

    god forbid if someone tries to ask obama campaign some serious questions. they will get their feelings hurt.References :

  7. bksamz

    I’m not sure I’ll have to check this one out.References :

  8. Jim S

    Not according to his own words:

    Wade West, husband of WTV-Channel 9 anchor Barbara West, wants to clear up confusion in the blogosphere.

    "I’m being listed as a primo political guy. Incorrect," he told me Tuesday morning.

    He is not — repeat not — working as a Republican media consultant. Barbara West told me on Monday she had failed to update her station bio to reflect his current business. These days, Wade West has a company that stages charity auctions.

    He stressed that he didn’t work exclusively with Republicans. He worked with Paul Wellstone, the late Minnesota Democrat, in combatting human slavery. West also worked with the Clinton administration to fight teen drug use in Sweden, Italy, Argentina, Canada and Iceland.

    There’s another theory floating out there that Wade West wrote Barbara West’s questions for her much-discussed interview with Sen. Joe Biden.

    "I didn’t. I wouldn’t presume to," Wade West said. "I absolutely had nothing to do with writing the questions." He was out of town at a charity event, he added.

    When I asked Barbara West if he had helped with her questions, she said: "No way. Come on. I have been in this business too long to have to sit down and say, ‘What should I ask?’ "

    The WFTV anchor has been busy with TV appearances Monday morning and through the day Tuesday.

    And she’s weary. "I’m ready for this news cycle to move on," she said.
    References :

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