What is the Republican political strategy?

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by admin1 in political strategy

Why are Conservatives so contradictory ?
Michelle Bachmann opposed the Stimulus yet used the stimulus.
When it comes down to Republican thinking and strategy does the end justify the means as far as they are concerned ?
Even if You have to lie cheat and steal to get there ?

Feed the rich, starve the poor.

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  1. scooterpoop

    Here’s the official platform:

    2–Fire all democrats
    3–Repeal all stupid liberal power-grabbing policies
    4–Repeal all stupid liberal money-grabbing policies

    With that, we should be able to put America back on the course that the Bush prosperity era was yielding.References :

  2. Sarrafzedehkhoee

    1.) They won’t compromise on anything.
    2.) They drag their feet as long as they can, even in defeat.
    3.) They try to hold their breath until they die so Mr. Obama will be sorry.References :

  3. Left Hook

    Feed the rich, starve the poor.References :

  4. Marcus-D

    To stand up for what is right.References :

  5. jd1979

    Because Conservatives aren’t like The Borg off STAR TREK, or like Obamabots.. they’re usually smart enough to think for themselves…. have roughly similar views (Some more extreme than others, some more liberal than others)…. varying ideas on how to get things done and how they should be done.

    To keep up with Republicans / Conservatives in the US, and how they’re thinkinh, a good resource is the blog @ http://conhomeusa.typepad.com/References : http://www.conservativechitchat.co.uk/html/blogs.html

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