What is the more effective political strategy?

Posted on October 30th, 2010 by admin1 in political strategy

What is the more effective political strategy?
1) Spending time and money educating voters to alternatives to the party in power and working hard to reach out to them, listen to what they want, and creating tangible alternatives thereby convincing them to vote for the minority party.

2) Spending time and money on "grass roots" protests that educate no one nor highlight sensible, tangible alternatives to the status quo, but instead appeal to "base" voters and alienate moderates.
All strategy is assumption.

You brainstorm, coordinate, and hope it works.
Edit: Dr Phil.
Both Democrats and Republicans have used strategy 1 and strategy 2.

Remember a guy named Reagan?
He used 1 very effectively.

#1. (It’s the loneliest number that you’ll ever know.)

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  1. Erick

    Wow, you seem to assume a lot of stuff in your "examples"

    EDIT: Do you know what "loaded questions" are?References :

  2. Miss Smirky Pants

    #1. (It’s the loneliest number that you’ll ever know.)References :

  3. ATTENTION: Testicles That Is All

    for the Left it seems to be, personally attack your opponent.
    For the rest of us, it’s get back to our roots and the principals our Founders wanted for our countryReferences :

  4. armageddon

    forget that, just act like obama.. put on some black makeup and your sure to win! oh dont forget to promise free money!References :

  5. Kevin

    A better political strategy would be to help the people of the country that helped them gain powerReferences :

  6. DR. phil of sh*t

    Your strategy…..
    #1 represents your view of how your side does it
    #2 is your attempt to undercut what the other party is doing as wrong or improper why because you disagree with their point of view.References :

  7. ironman

    A combination of the two strategies will work better. The local level politicians may concentrate on local issues whereas the higher ups may devote more time to national and international issues.References :

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