What would be a better campaign strategy for Ron Paul 2012?

Posted on July 6th, 2011 by admin1 in political campaign strategy

I am from the Midwest. What would be a better political strategy? Trying to get the opinion of the general public, or hitting up local churches for support? Or a lesser/weaker form of both (split)?

"Let’s shake up the Status Quo!"

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    Not running and giving the money to those that need it. His chance of winning both primaries and beating BO are slim. PeaceReferences :

  2. helpful hank

    It doesn’t matter, he can’t win. His values aren’t shared by enough of americans.References :

  3. Brian587

    Same with anyone who’s serious about getting elected: kiss AIPAC’s ass.References :

  4. J_Spicoli

    "Let’s shake up the Status Quo!"References :

  5. Amakasi Hay

    Unrelated side note: YAY! I’m glad you’re still alive :-)… sorry that was random…

    Anyways, i agree with helpful hank, don’t think he’ll last long…References :

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